every legal car dealership must be staffed with an owner or a licensed salesperson to conduct business

with the advent of online startups

breaking every rule imaginable

they have forgotten one important rule

every vehicle consignment or sale by a licensed dealer

can only be conducted at their licensed location

with an owner or licensed salesperson present at all times


every vehicle advertised must have a smog, safety check, buyers guide and vehicle history

present at their licensed location and/ or on the vehicle before it is offered for retail sale


the entire sale is at risk

as is the validity of their sales contract

as is the validity of their car dealer license

just a thought for dmv investigations


for those that care to follow the rules




every vehicle advertised by a licensed dealer must be identified by VIN or license plate

with the advent of online startups

breaking every rule imaginable

they have forgotten one important rule

every vehicle advertised by a licensed dealer

must be represented by the VIN or license plate in all advertisments


every vehicle advertised must have a smog, safety check, buyers guide and vehicle history

present at their licensed location and/ or on the vehicle before it is offered for retail sale


the entire sale is at risk

as is the validity of their sales contract

as is the validity of their car dealer license

just a thought for dmv investigations


for those that care to follow the rules




only licensed autobrokers may make legal delivery of a used car

with the advent of online startups

breaking every advertising rule imaginable

they have forgotten one important rule

only licensed autobrokers may legally make delivery of a used car in california

used car dealers and new car dealers are only allowed to make sales

at their legally licensed location


the entire sale is at risk

as is the validity of their sales contract

and the validity of their car dealer license

just a thought for dmv investigations


for those that care to follow the rules




stolen vehicle ???

NICB’s VINCheck is a service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen,

but not recovered, or has been reported as a salvage vehicle by cooperating NICB members.

To perform a search, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required.

A maximum of five VINCheck searches can be conducted within a 24-hour period per IP address.

 Click Here for a FREE VIN check of any vehicle

Special Thanks
The NICB VINCheck database is made possible through the cooperation of participating NICBmembers.

 View a list of those members.


only one dmv certified instructor in california is actually a fully licensed and insured california car dealer


here is the latest list of dmv certified car dealer schools

each instructor will tell you they are the best, most experienced & how lousy the competition is


only the #realcardealerschool can show you their license

proudly licensed and teaching since 1998

TriStar Motors LLC

DLR License 35862

Main Location Information
Tel: (415)552-1011
Location Opened : 05/02/2008
Location Closed:
Licensed to Provide,
Offer or Sell:
Used Snowmobile Dealer.
Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer.
Used Motorcycle Vehicle Dealer.
Used Trailer Vehicle Dealer.
License Information
License No.: 35862
License First Issued: 09/22/1998
Operator or Contact:
Mailing Address: P O BOX 883
APTOS CA 95001

DMV Instructor CCC0004


where the rubber meets the road

and the rest fall behind

come and see us in one of 39 california teaching locations





DMV Dealer Education Providers

Dealer education providers are listed by the type of class offered and area served. All classes are held in a classroom unless noted in the first column.

*Pre-licensing only
**Continuing Education only
DMV has not approved any “on-line” Pre-Licensing Programs

Area and
Type of Class Offered
Online/Home Study Continuing Education title  title Northern Area title Central Area title Southern Area title Provider
X X X X X TriStar Motors, LLC
Phone: 1-800-901-5950
Internet: www.gotplates.com
X X X X X 24-7 Dealer Training Specialists
Phone: 1-951-833-8398
Internet: www.24-7dealerclass.com
X X California Auto Dealer Education
Phone: 1-661-871-3311
Internet: www.cadeclasses.com
X Central Valley Dealers Licensing Renewal Service
Licensing Renewal Service
Phone: 1-209-333-0900
Email: chuckwentland@aol.com
X Superior Vehicle Dealer Training Institute
Phone: 1-949-305-8402
Internet: www.superiorbonds.com
X X Inland Empire/Orange County Dealer School
Phone: 1-909-648-0446
Internet: www.bigcardealer.com
X X X Dealer Training Experts of Northern California
Phone: 1-408-910-3876
Internet: www.dealersclass.com
X X X X X Dealer Intel
Phone: 1-415-613-4754
Internet: www.dealerintel.com
X X X X X $85 Dealer Education
Phone: 1-951-541-8390
Internet: www.waynesinsurance.com
X X X X Los Angeles Dealer School
Phone: 1-310-227-6920
Internet: www.dealerclass.com
*X Dealer License Seminars of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-665-6440
Internet: www.dealerseminars.com
X X X X X Golden State Educational Services
Phone: 1-916-470-4384
Email: chinastew@aol.com
X X X X X Dealer Education Services
Phone: 1-888-323-0031
Internet: www.dealereducation.com
X X Coffer Dealer Education
Phone: 1-888-694-1444
Internet: www.cofferdealereducation.com
X Cesar Carrascos Dealer Licensing Seminars
Phone: 1-619-474-0477
Internet: www.carrascogroup.com
X X Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-818-758-9951
Internet: www.dealerssupport.com
X X California Accredited Dealer Education
Phone: (714) 300-4148
Email:: cadeclass@aol.com
X X X X X ATG Dealer School
Phone: 1-818-909-7912
Internet: www.atgdealerschool.com
X Bell’s Automotive Dealer
Phone: 1-909-202-9204
Email: bell2automotive@yahoo.com
**X Auto Support Group
Phone: 1-714-588-1511
Email: E2000perez@yahoo.com
X X Dealer Lessons
Phone: 1-877-772-3332
Internet: www.dealerlessons.com
X Online Auto Dealer Ed
Phone: 1-877-724-6150
Internet: www.onlineautodealered.com
X Colby Learning Center of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-559-5748
Email: colbylearning@aol.com
X X Modesto/Central Valley Dealer Education
Phone: 1-209-535-8910
X Best Solutions
Phone: 1-619-546-4064
X X X X X Motorsports Market On-Line Courses, Live Classes and Home Study
Phone: 1-800-980-1967
Internet: www.motorsportsmarket.com
X A-1 Auto Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-323-781-7130
Internet: www.a1autodealerssg.com
X X X X X Automotive Systems Analysis
Phone: 1-800-564-0984
Internet: www.autosystemsanalysis.com
X X X X X FFW Auto Group
Phone: 1-415-644-8052
Internet: www.ffwautogroup.com
X Dealers Mark Vehicle Education
Phone: 1-714-767-7467
Internet: www.dealersmark.com
*X Priority One Motors
Phone: 1-310-346-4268
Email: priorityonemotors@gmail.com

Last updated: 10/17/2014

automotive consumer information from CNCDA

Consumer Information

We at the California New Car Dealers Association are concerned with the needs of consumers. In this section, consumers can find links to governmental agencies affecting the new motor vehicle industry, manufacturer websites, and websites with information about new vehicles. For those customers having problems or concerns about their new motor vehicle purchase, we offer links to dispute resolution resources specializing in new vehicle transactions.

Consumer Problems
We believe that customers and dealers should walk away from their transactions mutually satisfied. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When problems occur, we strongly suggest speaking with the dealer, who will almost always seek to satisfy their customers. When this is not the case, a fair, independent and inexpensive dispute resolution process is best for all parties concerned. The following websites provide information on ways to resolve disputes that parties to a new motor vehicle transaction cannot settle on their own:

Informative Web Sites

We believe that the best vehicle sales take place when both the dealer and the consumer walk away satisfied with the deal. To make this a reality, we believe that every consumer of an automobile should be a well-educated consumer. To assist with this goal, we’ve provided a list of useful websites that can help consumers find which vehicles suit their purposes:

  • Kelley Blue Book: Find updated values for new and used vehicles in different conditions.
  • Edmunds:Research new and used cars, trucks and SUVs with unbiased auto information.
  • Car and Driver: Provides vehicle reviews and news on the automotive industry.
  • J.D. Power: Visit the J.D. Power Consumer Center for automotive quality ratings as well as consumer-based ratings on other products and services.
  • Motor Trend: Provides vehicle reviews and information on the latest trends in the vehicle industry.
  • Intellichoice.com: Provides reviews, information and buying guides for people looking to purchase new vehicles.
  • AWARE: Americans Well-Informed on Automobile Retailing Economics (AWARE) is a national campaign to build a greater understanding among consumers about how the vehicle financing process works.


We believe that consumers should be fully aware of the services offered by California’s Government Agencies regarding new vehicle purchases. As such, we have included links to the following websites for consumers to view:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles: Provides information, resources and services for several consumer needs, including vehicle registration and renewal.
  • New Motor Vehicle Board: Provides a free consumer/dealer mediation service to settle disputes regarding new vehicle purchases.
  • Department of Consumer Affairs: Allows consumers to file complaints against businesses licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Bureau of Automotive Repair: Provides tips on keeping vehicles in their best-running condition and finding reputable repair services. Also provides services for retiring and replacing or repairing high-polluting vehicles.
  • Air Resources Board: Provides information regarding California’s air quality and tips consumers can use to reduce their environmental footprint. Also contains information regarding hybrid vehicle eligibility for using carpool lanes.
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Provides information regarding environmental protection, and educational resources for finding how to best manage our impact upon the environment.


is @trycarlypso another used car disruptive technology sales model ???

Bay Area startup Carlypso to launch used-car selling service in Sacramento


Carlypso co-founders Nicholas Hinrichsen, left, and Chris Coleman say their business concept was forged from their own frustrations trying to sell their own cars, particularly when potential buyers showed up late – or not all – for a test drive.
Carlypso co-founders Nicholas Hinrichsen, left, and Chris Coleman say their business concept was forged from their own frustrations trying to sell their own cars, particularly when potential buyers showed up late – or not all – for a test drive. CARLYPSO
Got a used car to sell? For most, that means negotiating a trade-in at the local dealership or trying to sell it yourself. Both scenarios can be time-consuming, frustrating and potentially risky, especially if you’re unacquainted with current vehicle values and DMV-required paperwork.

Enter a different solution: Carlypso.

Started last year by two Stanford University business school graduates, Carlypso is among a flurry of startup companies offering new ways to help consumers sell their used cars. With its website, a GPS tracking system and a secure “lockbox” for car keys, Carlypso takes on the car-selling burden, even scheduling test drives by potential buyers.

On Monday, the Bay Area startup will launch its service in the greater Sacramento area.

Co-founders Nicholas Hinrichsen and Chris Coleman, who graduated from Stanford last year, say their business concept was forged from their own frustrations trying to sell their own cars, particularly when potential buyers showed up late – or not all – for a test drive. That’s one of the biggest hassles their service is designed to eliminate.

In a phone interview, Hinrichsen, 30, said the pair raised $1.2 million from angel investors after graduation. The origin of their San Carlos-based company’s name: “We wanted something with ‘car’ in it and something that was fun and dynamic.”

Hinrichsen, who noted he’s putting in 80-hour workweeks, said much of 2014 was spent ramping up the company’s business model. Since getting under way in October, first in the Bay Area, then Los Angeles and Orange counties, the company has handled nearly 500 vehicle sales.

Hinrichsen said the push into Sacramento was a natural expansion into a strong car market.

“We were hearing a lot of demand for us there,” Hinrichsen said. By eliminating the hassles of private car sales, “We really can offer something that is safer and more convenient than selling your car yourself.”

Carlypso is just one of a recent rush of U.S. startups aiming to grab attention in the one-on-one car-selling market. The companies – with names like Carphoria, CarLotz, Beepi, Carvana and Tred – all share a common goal: to simplify the car-selling process by handling the sales, testing and document-filing chores that typically frustrate sellers in private-party transactions.

Carlypso claims that it can net sellers on average $1,500 to $2,500 more than they could get on a typical trade-in.

Here’s how it works: Car sellers enter their vehicle’s details – make, model and mileage initially – on Carlypso’s website, www.carlypso.com. Carlypso generates what it calls a fair market price, based on analyzing a nationwide database of vehicle sales, typically 1.2 million transactions a week. Once a price is established, Carlypso sends out an auto expert to inspect the car and clean it inside and out, if necessary.

To handle test drives by prospective buyers, Carlypso installs a device that enables it to track the vehicle by GPS. Sellers can park the vehicle where it’s convenient, such as at work. Potential buyers access the ignition key or fob by swiping their driver’s license or credit card.

Carlypso schedules the test drives, talks to prospective buyers and accepts offers, eliminating those that are low-ball. If a prospective buyer makes a fair offer, Carlypso advises the buyer on how to submit the required paperwork to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. For the seller, Carlypso says it can verify the buyer’s funding.

The company’s fee is 5 percent of the original sales price agreed to by Carlypso and the seller, with a $400 minimum. If the vehicle sells for more, the seller pockets the difference.

Hinrichsen said that about 85 percent of Carlypso’s business is in California, although it has arranged sales in states as far away as Maine.

The concept gets mixed reactions among some in the auto industry.

“From a convenience standpoint, it sounds pretty attractive,” said Len Brewster, a Detroit-based auto industry analyst. “As long as the device they use to keep track of the car when it’s being (test-driven) is foolproof, I’d say it’s a fairly promising business plan. It enables to seller to go about his business and not be constantly interrupted during the selling process.”

John Driebe, who sells Nissan, Infiniti and Mazda vehicles in the Elk Grove Automall and heads the ForAnyAuto Group, said he’s not familiar with Carlypso or its business model but expressed some concerns.

“If you’re selling a $20,000 car, that means they get $1,000 for starters,” he said. “You also don’t know what kind of people are getting into your car (to test drive it), what kind of insurance they have and what kind of financing and myriad other things.

As for the company’s claim that it can get better pricing than from a trade-in, Driebe noted that with so much price information available online, “It’s easy to see if a dealer is offering you a fair price.”

Call The Bee’s Mark Glover, (916) 321-1184.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article3653002.html#storylink=cpy

car dealer bond prices expected to rise in california

in recent discussions with larry, executive director of IADAC

we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

for existing licensed used car dealers

in that regard here is an article written by a prominent IADAC car dealer attorney

Lawrence Miles


A recent Court of Appeal case could make it more difficult both for California auto dealers to obtain their dealer bonds, as well as collect on the bonds against other fraudulent dealers.

In Pierce v. Western Surety Co., 2012 Cal. App. LEXIS 734 (2012), the 5th District Court of Appeal held last month that a consumer could recover attorney fees on a dealer bond if the consumer could have recovered such fees in a direct action against the dealer under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (“CLRA”).

The bond company in Pierce argued that the surety law did not authorize the payment of attorney fees, but the appeals court rejected that argument.  The Court found that consumers were entitled to have their claim satisfied under the CLRA, which includes attorney fees.

The parties to a bond dispute often agree on how to distribute the $50,000 bond.  The bond company, consumers, and DMV all have a preference in bond disputes over the claims of auto auctions, dealers, and other parties.  With the addition of consumer attorney fee claims, consumer attorneys will have little interest in trying to resolve the bond disputes, leaving licensees such as auctions and used car dealers left with less opportunity for recovery against a fraudulent dealer.  More bond cases may go to trial, as the ability of parties to stipulate to a settlement of the bond litigation becomes more problematic.

Finally the cost of obtaining a bond could rise as bond company losses rise with the obligation to pay such attorney fees.  Some bond companies may elect to get out of the business altogether in California.


About Lawrence Miles
Mr. Miles is founding attorney with The Miles Law Firm, A Professional Corporation. The firm practices civil and business law, including extensive work in the auto and aviation industries. For more information, please email Mr. Miles at larry@milesfirm.com or review the Firm’s website.+++++WE OFFER THE FINEST CAR DEALER EDUCATION IN CALIFORNIA






is it time to renew your car dealer license ???



some bond agents let their clients get arrested

some bond agents get arrested themselves

some bond agents overcharge


go to a bond agent

that will stand up for you

appreciates your business

and will never get you arrested


your car dealer bond

is a pot of gold

held for the government

to pay unpaid sales taxes

to pay unpaid registration fees

to pay any certified court orders


Call Mike today


Bond Application Online


your car dealer bond application form

Phone: 888-579-4537

Fax: 510-509-3294

Email: info@yourcardealerbond.com


Date: ______________________________________________________________


Contact Name: __________________________________________________


Best Method of Contact

☐Email: __________________________________________________________

☐Phone: _________________________________________________________


Best Day to Contact: ____________________________________________


Best Time to Contact: ___________________________________________


We appreciate the opportunity to service your dealer surety bond needs,

whether you have or are in the process of obtaining your retail, wholesale or auto broker license.


TriStar Instructor: _________________________________________________



car buyer tips for a no money down purchase

Car buyers wanting to know how to purchase a car with no money down can save a lot of hassle and money. Buying a new personal vehicle without taking any money out of one’s own pockets is full of difficulties. Most lenders and car dealerships welcome the consumers with good credit ratings and are willing to put some amounts on the table to serve as money down. Compared to the situation of the consumers willing to put money down purchasing a personal vehicle may seem almost impossible at first. Since there is a huge class of buyers unable to put any money down many lenders and dealers resort to advertisements of no money down car loans. But not all potential car buyers qualify with these lenders and dealers.

The problems of how to buy a car with no money down has become much more common than most consumers with less than perfect credit assume. The simple process of getting pre approved car loans approved can lead to auto finance that require no down payment at the time of purchase. The consumers needing such type of auto finance must become aware of the requirements needed to qualify for such car loans. Everyone does not have the cash to put money down on a new good safe and reliable car especially if the financial circumstances have become difficult. Consumers and potential car buyers need to confirm their latest credit scores before venturing out to buy a vehicle.

The how to buy a car with no money down can be quite flustering to the new consumers. The lenders and dealers usually look for a better than average credit scores that is more than 650. The new applicants for the zero down car loans mist review their credit scores and raise them to adequate levels. One way to do this is to make debt payments on time and or lower the outstanding balances significantly in a short time. The applicants with less than perfect credit applying with many lenders and dealers may cause concerns of credit misuse. These attempts may or may not lower the credit scores but will definitely reduce the chances of auto finance approval.

The how to buy a car with no money down can lead consumers to make a conscious effort at establishing good credit. The poor credit consumers can have a go for six to twelve months and achieve the required credit history. The young consumers with a weak credit history can get retail store credit accounts. They must get a secured credit card or a student credit account. Make sure the creditors report the use to all the 3 credit bureaus of America so that consumer credit is established immediately. Credit accounts should be used little at a time with timely repayment instead of maxing out the available credit in the very first month. The consumers and potential car buyers with no savings can make great use of the auto finance which requires no money down.

Several leading auto finance companies provide information on how to buy a car with no money down, and to get approved with affordable down payments. After getting the loans, the borrower should also make the loan payments on time, in order to avoid any kind of trouble later on. Managing car loan payments is very important in establishing a good credit rating.